It is true that anyone visiting the area will think they are on an island, whereas in fact they have reached this mini paradise on Earth by driving or sailing, by land or sea! A mere stone’s throw from fabulous beaches, the place will catch your breath. Monolithi, Kanali, Vrachos, Artolithia: are just few of your choices. Lively or secluded, rise to the challenge and enjoy each one in turn!


Within touching distance of Preveza, the area is ideal for quick escapes to historic Epirus or the exquisite Ionian islands. The sixteen different historical periods that shaped the contemporary region, and its role as an important hub, have left a strong mark today. Feel the sea breeze as it joins you on your magical journey in time. Enjoy all modern comforts among prehistoric monuments, ancient ruins, castles and alleyways echoing of the past.

Warm and friendly people await you with home-made fare, ready to spin a local yarn or two. Get to know them in a traditional coffee house or a modern café. Try some super-fresh seafood in grandma’s traditional taverna or in a fancy restaurant. Let locals tell you about the Acherontas river, ancient Nikopolis, Kassope, Lake Ziros. They may even invite you for a walk from the lake up to the castle of the Pantokrator, Preveza. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! The view from on high is not to be missed. This place invites you to dream, where your gaze is lost on the horizon.

Feel the cosiness and relax. You’ve found the right destination!