In complete harmony with its natural surroundings, soaked in the rich Greek sunlight, HOOGA at Mytikas, Preveza, was designed for visitors to feel at home from the very first moment. We have created a space where comfort is the prerequisite for a high-quality stay. Minimal design, a sense of earth, stone and wood, the presence of water and natural plants all together in perfect harmony makes for the warmest ambience. From the morning light of the sun till its idyllic setting, each day passes like a deep breath of fresh air.


We want our guests to wander in comfort, to ‘breathe in’ the place and take pleasure in their daily activities in an environment of high refinement as well as functionality. At HOOGA, luxury and comfort meet up with a homey atmosphere. The discerning combination of spaces for inter-action as well as relaxation offers our visitors a sense of togetherness as well as total freedom!


We have carefully chosen the location of HOOGA to afford access to lively happenings as well as to activities in nature. A mere stones throw away from the city centre of Preveza and within easy reach of the loveliest beaches, we welcome our visitors to a stay with its own story to tell.


Get cosy, relax and enjoy the HOOGA way!